Twinkies vs. Ding-Dongs

The kids first Twinkie experience! Carson wouldn't eat his and Parker loved it! Twinkies aren't as good as I remember them. They are actually quite gross I think! I would much rather have a Ding-Dong!


grams said said...

I agree Ding Dongs are the best.

Andrea said...

I can't eat Twinkies anymore....I was told about a practical joke someone played where I worked once....someone replaced the creme filling of a twinkie with nivea cream....and the person that ate it could not tell the difference. Tells me 1 of 2 things....either the dork that ate it has no sense of taste, or there is really no difference between nivea cream and twinkie creme filling!

Ding Dongs are better....straight out of the freezer! yum!

holly said...

Ding Dongs all the way although, I don't really remember what they taste like. My personal favorite was those cupcakes that you could peel off the white decoratiocve icing in pieces.