Parker's Hair

I have been BEGGING Parker to get his haircut. He likes it long. He thinks it is so cool and he likes it to look like his cool cousin Gregory. Well... I wanted to take him to get it cut and I had 2 things going for me. First, Gregory was being paid by his mom and dad to cut his hair (unfortunately Parker is too young to get excited about money...) and second, I ALMOST had him convinced that he should get it cut like Ryan Seacrest, because we all know how cool Ryan Seacrest is! And bonus - Parker was excited because 'sea', as in ocean, was part of Ryan's name. But to no avail... He would not do it! Maybe I should just make him. I don't want to stifle his personality. He obviously feels strongly about it. But now he looks like Julius Caesar and the Little Dutch Boy combined. Maybe I can persuade him by next time!

** The picture below is of Parker and Gregory before their haircuts.

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mallory said...

that is probably the funniest thing i have ever heard. loooking at that picture of parker and gregory i feel like i know what parker will look like at 15!