Robert & The Disney Channel - TRUE STORY

So last night I am making dinner and Robert walks into the kitchen singing a Spice Girls song. That in itself isn't all that bad until Demi says, "Oh! That movie is sooo good!" (Demi must have associated it with something she watches). I look at Robert and say, "No you were not!" I can tell by the look on his face - the half smirk, but silently saying "What!?" that he had been... He had been up in our room all by himself, while he was supposed to be changing out of his work clothes - watching The Disney Channel. All By Himself! He tried to deny it - but after Demi, Parker and I were all laughing hysterically at him and making fun of him for 5 minutes, he finally broke down and started discussing the joys of Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana with Demi. He was just chatting away with her about all the characters and the shenanigans that they were all getting into last night... Apparently he has secretly been keeping up with his new favorite shows!

I can post a little story like this and he will have no idea because he never reads our blog. When I yell at him about it and ask why he doesn't read every word of it daily he just says, "Why do I have to read it? I live it!" So just as punishment, sometimes I will keep something really cute that the kids have done and not share the story with him. If he wants to know - he can read it just like the rest of you! :) I guess I should have wondered why he has never said one thing about the fact that our blog has a big "I Love Edward" graphic on it with a picture of some guy. When I asked him if he knew who Edward was, he just said. "It's that vampire guy isn't it...?"

I guess he is not TOTALLY out of the loop.

I haven't told him yet that I am leaving Monday night and won't be home until Tuesday because I am going to camp outside of Barnes & Noble with a bunch of other "I Love Edward" fanatics to get wristbands in order to go to a Stephenie Meyer book signing on Friday night. See - if he read our blog he would know what I am planning... :)


holly said...

This was the best post ever. We all make fun of Brittanie because she watches Disney all by herself, but this takes it to a whole new level. Oh by the way I'm totally jealous of the book signing maybe I'll have to get a wristband.

grams said said...

Every day I look at your blog hoping you have bloged over night. Today was a pure delight to read. What husband does not do cute little innocent things we never pick up on? (thank you Demie) we now have a little insight into the inner Robert. And yes, it is charming to be sure, after all who does not like Disney. Got your ears on Robert?

Anonymous said...


Maybe if you read the blog more often Carson wouldn't be calling me "dad" anymore.

When I "layed" in demi's room a couple weeks ago, I was standing in the family room when little Carson came shuffling in from the garage. He just got home with Demi, Parker, and Mom and it was late at night and everyone was asleep in the car except Carson. Carson saw me standing there, and I guess I caught him by surprise because he said to me "hi, um.... dad". I don't think he knew what to call me. I think he knew I wasn't Dad, but he knew I was a dad type of person, so he just went with it. It was really cute. At least he didn't think I was the plumber there again late at night while you were away playing cards. -Chris