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Since the writers strike I have not watched that much tv. It has been pretty good for me because I was getting a little nutz-o in how many shows I was tivo-ing! I wouldn't watch them all - but just in case... they would get recorded. I hardly record anything anymore but have added one staple to my list of must sees. Ellen. She is my favorite person on the planet! She absolutely cracks me up!! She is smart, witty, hilarious, clever and most importantly, sincere. Plus she has great style and good moves! (I say great style - but the outfit in the picture above makes her look like Colonel Sanders getting off The Mayflower. I am not quite sure what she was thinking that day!) It is seriously one of my favorite things now - sitting down to unwind to a little Ellen Degeneres.

Here she is getting her classical dance on in NYC.
And Ellen working at a toll booth. Can you imagine pulling up and seeing her there!? She is sooo damn funny!!

And while we are on the subject of funny people... Jimmy Kimmel is my runner up. I really started loving him when he and his parking attendant Guillermo would have little spots on Dancing With The Stars. Soooo FUNNY!
A photo of Kimmel and his date, Ben Affleck, getting their picture taken at a school dance.
And a photo of Jimmy Kimmel's parking lot attendant, Guillermo, beating the record for wearing the most pairs of underwear at one time.
One last thing...

While searching online I found this great pic of BOTH of them together. That must have been one FUNNY episode! I'm going to have to find it and watch it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hil, I totally agree about Ellen. I'm not as familiar with Jimmy. Abby and I used to laugh every morning the summer she was about 11 I think. She loves Ellen. I can't wait to watch again. -aunt lori