My Kid Is Brilliant

I know it's obnoxious of me, but I can't help it. It has to be said. My child is brilliant! You can't deny it! Look at this WORD! He can spell! He's a speller now! I am a horrible mom and have never taught him one letter or number before. I pretty much stopped at the colors and shapes. Lately I have been a little stressed because he is starting Kindergarten in August. That's only 4 months away! So I decided if he could spell his name and recognize the alphabet and the numbers 1 through 20 I would be thrilled. Well, apparently I don't have to do anything because he can teach himself!

Today he casually shows this paper to me and asks me what it says. I say, "Uummm, I don't know" and then I sound it out for him. He looks at me like I am crazy and says, "No. It says jump mom!" I look at it again and sure enough, it does! Sort of. I asked him how he learned that and he said on Blue's Clues. That's just smart. I don't care who you are! That's Stephen Hawking smart! :) Seriously though - I am amazed at his memory. Kids are like sponges!

My neighbor Debbie and I decided we should do a little 'preschool' thing between us. Her little boy will come over here once a week for an hour and Parker will go over there once a week for an hour to practice 'skills' and play. The yellow and purple papers are what Parker brought home from her house this week. We were both laughing because we couldn't believe it. Check out those numbers! She said they looked at the calendar and repeated the numbers on it. Then he writes this awhile later while in the kitchen. No numbers around anywhere. And then he wrote his name. He did have it in front of him - but I am still amazed that he could form the letters so good!

The jury is still out on Carson's intellect - but he does count all the time now and I don't know where he learned it. He runs around all the time and you will catch a "seven, eight, nine, ten" here and there. It's all about osmosis I guess! GO OSMOSIS!


grams said said...

Yes he is brilliant. We all knew that, but he will be behind you know. The kids at the preschool are reading books and writting things already, so you better get him up to spead. He will catch up fast. Holly, don't you have Sammy's preschool books for him? As I recal, Sammy read several before kindergarten.
Carson will learn from Parker. (Remember how Megan learned to tie her shoes befor Jimbo from watching me show him)

Hilarie said...

I don't mind if he is behind. I think they all get on the same level very quick! My worry has always been the social part of it. He sobbed and cried the other day when I left him at Tiffany's house with Carson and his cousin for an hour. Now THAT'S a problem!!!

Texas Tingey said...

I guess I better up my curriculam (however you spell that word) for him, eh?
He is a smart kid, he will catch up quick.
Brady always tells me not to worry, eventually they get it....some sooner than others.

Andrea said...

Okay, I'm fessing up...I've been lurking on your blog!

But it's okay, you know me....Andrea...your cousin Ron's wife...your Aunt Shirley's daughter-in law... :)

I can't even track back to how I found you. I was "blog-hopping" one day (read=wasting time!) and came across you from someone else's, and realized that I knew you!

Very cute blog, by the way, and entertaining writing. Hope you don't mind if I keep visiting!

Hilarie said...

Hi Andrea. Of course I don't mind. I love visitors! :)