Great & Bizarre Pictures

Here are some great pictures from the Houston Chronicle today...
Didn't even read the caption of this one. It just cracked me up!
A tornado picture is not all that remarkable until you realize its in Riverside, California! Can you imagine driving down the street and seeing it in front of you?
Postal employees in PA heard some strange sounds coming from a package sent from Taiwan - so they opened it and found 2 dozen of these bad boys! Nice!
I just thought this dog was funny. It's in a parade somewhere in the world... Just can't remember where!
A 1000 pound Manta Ray being transported by helicopter.
The Dalai Lama listening to the question of a child in Germany.


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It is SO funny you posted all of these...I just looked at them today on the hou chron site today!! I was cracking up too!!! But, I have to admit....the bug one kind of freaked me out....lol