After lots and lots of research and careful consideration - and even going to check out a few different puppies - we found the perfect addition to our family. A 3 pound, 11 week old Maltese that we named Piper. We all sure love her! Especially Brinkley. :)

In these pics she had just had her first haircut. I had waited patiently for her second round of shots and a couple of weeks before taking her. I love her so much more now that she is clean and fluffy. Sadly, I am one of those 'fair weather' dog lovers. They have to be mine and clean. And they can't shed. I really didn't bond or love her until I could give her Angels' Eyes for a couple of weeks and take her to the groomer. Lol.

We seemed to have lucked out again with a great dog. She hardly barks. Her and Brinkley for the most part get along great. She loves to snuggle. Is well on her way to being totally potty trained and has slept through the night in her crate since the day we got her. She is pretty funny and has a cute sassy personality.

You want to see what the little stink bug looked like the day we picked her up? She was dirty and crunchy and shaggy...

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Megan said...

I'm not gonna lie... that's a pretty cute dog. Those bows are just too cute!