Pinewood Derby 2011

Parker just participated in his second Pinewood Derby. He loved it, as he did last year. But this year he loved it even more because he had a definite idea of what his car should look like. It was pretty cute. He wanted a camo car. Mommy was responsible for the looks and daddy was responsible for the speed. Both turned out great! He even won a trophy! 3rd place in his pack for Wolves! He was so excited! He went on to the finals and probably could have won a trophy for that as well except that daddy was being a little greedy and fiddled with his car to make it faster inbetween races. ;( He thinks he may have made it a little slower in the process. Oh well. By the time Parker is a Webelo - watch out! He will be a pro from trial and error and will have all the kinks worked out! :)

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