Parker's First Sleepover

Parker had his first sleepover this weekend! He was so excited.

...Mommy was a little anxious. She is not too keen on sleepovers.

Parker and his friend Tyler both had their birthday parties this weekend. To keep the fun going they had a sleepover. A first for both boys. I have known Tyler's parents for years - since before they were married - and trust them completely so I thought I could finally let my little guy go... He is 8 now after all! :)

You can see that he went prepared! Nerf gun? Check. Nerf vest, clips, magazines and bullets? Check. Back up gun? Check. Gun tri-pod? Check. Karate headband from Tyler's party? Check. New iPod Touch? Check. Bag packed all by himself with jammies, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and iPod adaptor? Check.

They had a blast! Parker told me that he slept in his clothes. He was having so much fun he forgot to put his jammies on! :)

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grams said said...

how darling. he will never forget that night.