More Fun Instagram Pictures :)

I had a little too much fun with this app {Instagram} the other night. I took some of the pics on my phone and fiddled with them. So here is a little stroll down memory lane. And a few new pics thrown in for good measure...

My cute boys. They are growing too quick.

My little Carson with his bottle. It's hard to believe that he is already 5 years old.

Here he is totally absorbed in watching cartoons...

I thought the newness of having a dog would wear off, but that is totally not the case for Carson. Unfortunately for the puppy, Brinkley is his best friend. ;) Brinkley always has a look on his face that says, 'for the love of everything holy, help me' when Carson is around.

It is freezing here again. It's so much fun! Anytime there is a chill in the air I immediately get the wood out and build a fire. And yesterday the temp dropped over 20 degrees in a matter of hours. It is 33 degrees here right now. I hope it lasts!

If we ever clean up Brinkley's toy basket he gets so mad and will sit next to you and yell at you until you tip it over so he can get them all out again. And his favorite toys are squeaky toys. He will only pick it up on the squeaker part and then run around the house squeaking it rapidly by clenching his teeth. He is so funny. And smart! If you give him a new toy he will systematically bite every square inch of it until he finds a squeaker. And if you know what is good for you - there better be a squeaker in it or you have wasted some money. :)

One of my favorite pics of Demi of all time. Rockin' out on her guitar. Of course now she is 'so over' Hannah Montana that she wouldn't be caught dead holding that thing. :) That reminds me - I need to sell that bad boy on eBay or something!

Wait! There are these 3 too. Def some of my other favorite Demi pics. :)

Parker's first day of preschool at Kids Village in Utah. He was so darling. He was so nervous. It lasted about 2 days before he cried all day because he missed me and I had to pull him out. He is still my little sensitive guy. Although now he carries a football around, plays Madden 11 on his PSP and acts like a teenager.

I take way too many pictures of Brinkley. I freely admit it. I can't help it though. He is my buddy and always next to me. And just like one of my kids - he does funny stuff all day long. I'm smitten. Who would have thought it?

Robert and I at a Lyle Lovett concert in Park City, Utah several years ago.

Little Scarlett-Loo-Hoo (Megan's youngest) turned two this week. :) Isn't she darling?

We had to make a late night run to Petco because Brinkley was out of food ...and he might just have possibly needed a new Valentine toy. :) He LOVES riding in the car! When he was little he used to crawl up and sit near my shoulder and look out the window. He still thinks he is 2 pounds and can do that sort of thing. Lol.

And just for fun -- one of the best movies of all time...

Fantastic Mr. Fox. If you haven't seen it - you really MUST.

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grams said said...

this blog has just made my day!!!
What a great trip down memory lane.
Keep that app. it is wonderful (the way you do things anyway)
love it!!!