Thanksgiving 2010

We had such a great Thanksgiving this year. We are so happy that Mallory and Ryan live near us now. Especially on Thanksgiving day! Because Mallory is such a Martha! It is so cute how she loves to cook and anything she makes is delicious. I am so mad that I didn't get a picture of her spread. My contribution was the table, shrimp cocktails, brussels sprouts & cranberry sauce. ...I forgot to buy the orange to make the cranberry sauce. I forgot to make the brussels sprouts. And I forgot to chop up the celery for our shrimp cocktails. I am sure that is why even after telling Mallory I could make more for the meal she still insisted that she wanted to do all of it. ;) Or more likely - she just knows that's how I roll and thought she would just save us all from missing out on some part of the meal that was REALLY important. This actually will be a great example to tell my doc so he will prescribe me Adderall next week. ...And I am totally serious.

Mallory's turkey was seriously the prettiest and most juicy and delicious turkey that I think I have ever had. She brined it. Mmmmmm... yummy! And 'grandma's rolls' turned out perfectly.

Shrimp cocktails (normally with a pretty layer of green celery & if I am feeling sassy, lump crab meat) and Martinelli's are tradition and a must for Thanksgiving. Also a tradition - brussels sprouts ...but we know how that turned out this year. :(

Ryan and Robert got hooked on the sauce and we had to tear them away! And Parker had made himself an Indian headband to celebrate the day.

After dinner Robert got a roaring fire going in the fireplace and we settled in the family room.

First we went around and each gave 2 things we where thankful for this year. Below is Robert and his little buddy sharing his list with us. One of his things was that he was thankful for Brinkley and the fun and happiness that he has brought to our life. Aawwwww...

And finally after a fun day and yummy dinner the kids got their jammies on, grabbed their pillows and blankies and we settled into another Thanksgiving tradition - watching Christmas Vacation. The kids may have had to 'earmuff it' several times during the showing, but we wouldn't have missed watching it. It is not truly Thanksgiving in our house without the Christmas decorations up and ending the day with Cousin Eddie.

It was a perfect and festive day! :)

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