Quotes of the Day - Carson

Carson ran out of the playroom to tattle on his cousin Christopher (or Topher as he goes by sometimes) and he was yelling to Tiffany, "K-opher won't let me play!" Well Tiffany kept trying to tell him how to say 'Topher' or 'Christopher' and was trying to tell him that he was combing the two together and finally he just stopped and looked at her and said, "Aunt Tiffany. You know that one of yours that is bigger!? Well he isn't letting me play!" (while stretching one arm high and one low to show her 'bigger'). LOL.


I found a box of old cell phones in our garage which Robert wanted to sell on eBay or something and I gave a couple of them to Carson to play with - since I am pretty sure they will never be sold on eBay! That ship has definitely sailed. He was so excited and said, "Are they real!?". I told him they were and he said, "But are they alive!?" :)

I think I will try to plug them in so they can be alive too!


Megan said...

The one of yours that is bigger?!?! So funny!

grams said said...

He tried to help Tiff but she just didn't get it.
I told you he was smart!