Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

This picture totally reminds me of the cruise we went on when Parker was a toddler. They had a 'kids club' babysitting area and I knew I would never use it. It was my first child and he was sensitive to boot so I hated to leave him - aside from him being only 2. And it was on a cruise ship for crying-out-loud! Well -- my insecurities where confirmed when I went for fun to check out the 'facilities'. I remember walking out to the play area and I about died. It was literally hanging off the back of the ship with nothing but that heavy rope netting from floor to ceiling separating the kids from a cliff dive off the back of the ship into churning water. Are you kidding me? Oh hell no. I wouldn't care if Parker was totally independent and dying to get down to play. I would have nightmares forever!


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grams said said...

Im sure this child is safe, BUT I could never do that in a million years!