Halloween At Our House

Since my sister Megan posted her darling Halloween decorations this year I thought I would post the new additions to my Halloween collection. :)

This year was a crafty year. I made a new yarn wreath and a little tombstone/skeleton 'thing'. I say 'thing' because it is really not much of anything. I just wanted to make something with moss. So now the moss has a tombstone and skeleton on top of it!

Also, I have wanted a Bethany Lowe Halloween tree for years but couldn't dish out the 50 bucks for one this year so I made my own by spray painting a little Christmas tree. You gotta do what you gotta do!

And new this year is I have decided to start 'making over' my mantle for the holidays. I have always been way too lazy, but finally this year I sucked it up and moved some things around. I loved how it turned out.

Oh. And I got some cute paper lanterns from Party City that I hung over the island in my kitchen.

It has been fun - but like my sister, I am excited to move on to Christmas!

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