Carson's First Day of Preschool

On Monday Robert's sister Tiffany called me to tell me that they had a space in the preschool program that her son Carter goes to. I was so excited! I hopped on the phone and got all the info and by the next day Carson was attending. Yay!

I had tried to get him in this summer but they were already full. The program usually has a very long waiting list but for some reason this year was an exception and at the very last minute they lost several enrolled kids.

The program is at the high school by us. It is a college course credit for high school students that want to go into teaching. It is so cute. And it literally has like a 1:2 teacher to child ratio. It is awesome. He goes M/T/W from 7:25 to 10:45 am. And once or twice a month they have extended days until 2:15 pm. You drop them off at the curb and they come to your car and walk them in - and they do the same when you pick them up. And all this for the bargain price of $95 a semester! Can't beat that! They have a little school shirt that they wear on Tuesdays and a little tote bag with their name on it that they take to and from school.

He is LOVIN' it and is so excited and proud! And it is darling because he goes with his cousin Carter. They are so funny together. :)


mallory said...

WHAT!?? I didn't know this! How fun!

Megan said...

Holy crap that's a great deal! How fun for him.