Brinkley's First Couple of Days

Here the kiddos are picking up Brinkley from Poodle Rescue of Houston. Boy did we luck out finding this place. What a nice facility. And the work they do is amazing!

Even though we got a perfect little puppy, it makes me happy that the fee we paid for Brinkley is going to good use for all of the other dogs that they have. You wouldn't believe what bad shape some of the dogs are when they come in. They fix them up and adopt them out. :)

Most of the pics I have up to this point are of Carson and Brinkley because he is the one at home during the day with me while Demi and Parker are at school. I will have to get some cute pics of the rest of the fam too.

Brinkley has found a snuggle spot under my desk next to my feet. It is pretty cute. Now I need to get him a doggie bed so he doesn't have to snooze on the hard floor.

I am having a bit of a hard time with the 'germ' aspect of having an animal in the house. It still grosses me out. But I have to tell myself that this whole situation is for the kiddos. And they do love him! So it is still worth it. And I am sure I will feel better once I can get him bathed and groomed. Only 6 more days! (I have to wait 10 days after he was neutered to get him wet.) I can't wait to get a good smelling shampoo because he is going to have bathies ALL the time!

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