Austin Trip - Summer 2010

We would have been so sad to make it through the summer of 2010 with at least taking a little trip since we missed our family vacation to Utah. So we took the boys to Austin for a few days while Demi was in Utah.

We packed up, the kids got comfy, and we hit the rode...

You can see that Parker comes prepared! Whether it is a vacation to Austin or a trip to the store. It really doesn't matter. :)

We decided on Austin because we have been wanting to take them to the Congress Avenue Bridge to see the bats. We ended up not seeing too many. Really there is just a week or so window when it is the best of the year. And we missed it by about a month. We will try again sometime for sure, because even if you don't see bats - the cruise on the river was fun enough. Especially if you have a good guide that gives you lots of interesting Austin facts.

You can see all the people lining the bridge on the picture below. Thousands upon thousands of bats leave the bridge every night to go hunt. The best way to see them is from the river. The boats have special permission to use a red light to help you see them better.

We of course had lots of yummy meals!

And some fun swimming in the 'inside pool' as Carson would say...

And had lots of good relaxing time hanging out in the hotel room - which was practically the boys favorite part. :)

And even with all the fun activities - the whole trip basically turned out to be 'The Summer of Lego'! It was cute. Parker has always loved Lego's, but Carson got his first 'big boy' set on this trip. They loved them. And played them in the hotel room at night. And they loved their first trip to a real Lego store! :)


grams said said...

what a great post. I loved everything on it!!!
great photos.

Megan said...

Such a neat city. Cute pictures! I would love to see those bats. Crazy.