Pumpkin Candles & Fall Wreaths

I am loving my new fall wreath. I looked everywhere for one and found this at Target for only $24.99! That seemed pretty inexpensive to me compared to some I have looked at. Now I need to re-finish my front door. It is very exposed to the rain and such and is in horrible shape and totally faded from the sun after only 3 years. Maybe 3 years is a long time for this kind of thing. I don't know. Look how horrible it is at the bottom...

And it used to be a dark, rich brown color. Anyway - it's on my list to do!

And while we are at it. Let me just say that it is not fall to me unless I have a Pumpkin Spice candle burning within 12 inches of me at all times. I just put this one on my (very dusty) desk.

It's going to cost me a fortune to keep it supplied with votives. Lol. I might have to limit my burn time to only 6 hrs a day or something.

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Kinsey Pistorius said...

I might have to look for that wreath at Target here to see if I can get me one! But our target is kind of ghetto so I won't get my hopes up. I LOVE it though! :)