Happy 12th Birthday Demi!

Last night we took Demi out for her 12th birthday with Robert's family. 12th birthday!? What!? She is getting so old. She is a total tween now and loves all things girly.

We went to one of our favorite mexican restaurants, El Palenque. And then of course we had to do the sombrero/singing/whipped cream in her face extravaganza! That is totally Demi and she loved it. She was just disappointed that so little whipped cream was actually smashed in her face. Lol.

Demi has a birthday trifecta workin' -- last night was dinner, today is grilled hotdogs with all the fixin's & a red velvet cake w/ chocolate filling & frosting (her choices) with Mallory & Ryan, and next weekend is her Twilight inspired slumber party. Aaaaa... It's good to be twelve.


Anonymous said...

Twelve, Tween, Twilight, and she is Terrific! A Big Birthday Hug from the Kendrick's! You are darling!

Kinsey Pistorius said...

twilight inspired birthday party - oh my gosh, I CANNOT wait to see those pictures! If anyone can do that right, it's YOU!!! She is so lucky to have y'all! :)

Anonymous said...

I want to wear Demi's panties!