Second Day of School - The Bus

Today was the kids first day to ride the bus this year. Last year they rode the bus home but I took them every morning. This year they are riding in the am & pm. Carson waited all day for them to come home. The bus was a little late so Carson and I waited on the front porch. Well, I should say I waited on the porch. Carson ran around the yard in the 105 degree heat in his jammies. Yep. That's right. Jammies at 345pm. That is just how Carson and I roll.

Finally we spotted the bus & the kiddos. Day 2 down.

Finally after snack and homework, Parker settles in to a little R & R watching Expedition Great White (greatest show ever) on the National Geographic Channel.

We are getting back to the swing of things. It is great to be back on a schedule!

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