I won't go crazy with all the details but I just wanted to say real quick how much I loved Eclipse! It was so fun. I loved how the actors have all got more comfortable with each movie. I loved how funny the writing was this time around. And mostly how much Edward has relaxed. I thought it was great! Which - lets be real - I would have loved it anyway. :)

And here is a bit of a SPOILER if you haven't seen it yet... I even loved David Slade's vision of how vampires die, or break, as it were.

I just loved it all!

We had a really great time seeing the trilogy in the huge Cinemark XD theatre. We had so much fun waiting in line. And then eventually - after sitting on the ground for so long - we had so much fun talking and chillin' in the big comfy leather seats for 7 hours. :)

Can't WAIT for Breaking Dawn! Too bad it is so long until it is released. :(

But... I just found out that they are scouting locations in Louisiana for shooting... What!? My crazy friends and family and I may have a little girls road trip in our future. But if we do, you probably won't be hearing about it because that is where I will have to draw the line. That would just be WAY too embarrassing to admit to. :)

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