First - cool shirt. Second - best advertising campaign ever. Third - awesome website.

This whole I'm With Coco thing is the most clever thing I have ever seen. And I love the logo. It totally cracks me up. Today when I saw a post on facebook about their shirts, I clicked on the link and it took me to the page where they sell them. {click HERE to see} It is a very simple page, yet very cool. And then after I looked a little further I realized what it was...

They made their store on Shopify. It is a company that is kinda etsy meets blogger. THE BEST IDEA EVER. It is just a very easy way to have your own personal online store that you can create by yourself. What I like about it most is how professional they all look. You almost don't notice at all that it is a shopify store. It looks like you spent a fortune having it made for you. Click HERE to see some examples of Shopify stores.

I want to start selling something just so I can create a store. :)

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