Aunt Mallory In The Hizzy

My youngest sister Mallory was here to stay with us last week while she interviewed for some teaching positions. Her and her husband are moving here at the end of next month and we are SUPER excited. Especially the kiddos. They LOVE their Aunt Mallory. She is so cute with them. She is seriously the best aunt ever. She spent most of her time playing with them and taking them places. I would walk downstairs and she would be laying on the hard, dirty floor with Carson looking at a bug or something. She would be out back in the horrible, humid, oppressive heat every night playing on the swing set with them. And she took them on little 'dates'. So cute.

We love you Mal and can't wait until you and Ryan live here near us! :)

By the way -- she just found out she got the job that she REALLY wanted bad. She will be teaching at the neatest place. Carl Wunsche Senior High School. It is a special career acadamy and is one of the coolest schools I have seen. Now she will be teaching not far from our house. In fact, I registered Carson today to go to the preschool that will be in her department. I can picture it in my head... Carson going ballistic screaming, "That is my Mallory!" as she walks by the classroom and he sees her through the window. Lol.

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