Who knew?

It is amazing to me how something simple can become an obsession with kids. The other day our neighbor girls gave Parker these little animal shaped rubber band bracelets. I thought they were some junky toy that they got for free at Chuck-E-Cheese or something. And to be honest - I think I threw them away.

Then today Demi came in from outside and ran upstairs. A few minutes later she came down with a handful of stuff that she wanted to trade for some zanybandz.

Ooohhhhh... Those little pieces of junk that I threw away were the new hot thing. Think beanie babies or pogs. Or back in my day - printed shoelaces. Lol. Remember those!?

So Demi and Parker ran outside to trade things for Zanybandz and I stayed inside looking them up on the computer. Wow. They are crazy hot right now. Most sites I went to were sold out. And then I stumbled across this article that explained a bit about them.

I used to be so on top of this stuff when I taught. Now I am just a boring mom. :(

...Too bad I am not just a boring mom who just happened to invent some ridiculously simple animal shaped rubber band bracelets that end up making me a gazillion bucks.

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holly said...

Samantha is totally obsessed too. It is so bad at her school with trading that they just banned the bracelets. Shocker.