Snowbank is on the move! I repeat. Snowbank is on the move!

Last week as I was getting my hair cut & colored. Right after I walked into the salon a lady with white hair started walking up front. I knew she looked familiar but was doubting myself because she was so much smaller then I expected. It was Barbara Bush. She was so sweet & spunky and looked great for having just been released from the hospital. She has been going to this salon for years and years. The guy who does her hair was walking her out and carrying her bags down the shopping center a bit to where she gets her nails done. After she had walked out and was a bit down the sidewalk all the girls where joking saying, "Where is her man!?" ...and sure enough her Secret Service guy sprinted past the window. I was laughing to myself because I pictured him out of site texting or picking his nose or something and then all of the sudden realizes that she is on the move. Woops! It totally reminded me of the movie Guarding Tess. I am guessing it could be either really interesting & fulfilling or really boring to be on an old ex first ladies detail. Lol.

It reminds me of my other run in with the Secret Service which I am sure would be alot more exciting...

I was shopping at Caesars Palace just minding my own biz standing in front of the MAC store when a guy pushes me out of the way. I was kinda stunned for a minute and then I turn around and see this exact same scene...

...only it was in the middle of the mall instead of on a city street.

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