Charming Charlie

I have been to Charming Charlie once before but I just ran in and out and didn't really fully appreciate the wonder. Until tonight. It is really the coolest store! It is an accessory store - for those of you that don't have one by you. And it has the best selection of stuff I have ever seen. It is all organized by color and theme. And they are huge stores. If you need any type of accessory at all - purses, jewelry, hair stuff, sunglasses, etc. - then you can find it here. If you dream up the perfect earing or necklace or ring in your mind to match an outfit then chances are they will have it. It is unbelievable. And CHEAP! They started in Houston in 2004 but are quickly spreading all over the country. They are in 9 states right now, mostly in the south, but are opening in Arizona, Maryland and Illinois soon.

So keep an eye out. If you happen to see one opening in your city then be excited and do a little dance!

And Megan - again I am sorry that you live in Canada. :( Because tonight I saw the cutest cameo ring EVER for only 8 bucks. It totally reminded me of you. If I was a good sister then I would go back and get it for you and spend 3x that amount to send it to you internationally. LOL.

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