Parker's Camo Party

Parker just had his 7th birthday! Can you believe he is getting that old? He is obsessed with anything 'army' or 'solider' and his current favorite show is Modern Sniper on Discovery's Military Channel. Today he kept asking me if you have to pay to be in the military. Lol. I kept telling him that he has to pay to go to West Point, Annapolis or the Air Force Academy. Which is the only way he can be in the military if I have anything to say about it. Lol. I REALLY hope this is one of those childhood dreams like being a vet or a circus clown that will fizzle out over time.

So - here are some pics of his party. We had a little 'boot camp' obstacle course in the backyard, took some pics of the kids wearing their dog tags and camo helmets and then had cake and ice cream. Parker loved it and was happy to have his friends and cousins over.

Like how I blurred out our contact info in case there is some crazy out there who is after my fam? Lol.

And I have to say after years of getting all of our cakes at R J Goodies, I finally got one that I wasn't happy with. It was pretty ugly - but I survived. I should have had her make it all camo instead of putting dog tags on it. My bad.

The new picture taking rule in our house is that Demi has to act like a normal person when I photograph her. No more posing like a goober. Just a cute little smile!

We went to dinner with Robert's family and some friends after his party.

I have to take a quick second to point out how much Carson cracks me up on a daily basis. He always travels with a whole slew of stuff. Lol.

And believe me - this is a good day. At least he isn't wearing a holster with guns or carrying his backpack full of stuff.

Parker got to open his gift from Nanu & Pappa - Lego's! He is addicted to Lego's and is collecting the Atlantis set right now.

It was fun because Robert's dad and step mom were in town from Kansas. It was nice to spend time with them and perfect because we had an occasion to celebrate!

Carson wanted to sit right between Grandma Brenda and Nanu at dinner. He was so funny.

It was a great weekend!


Megan said...

Carson is so funny. I really wish he and Monet lived next to each other because as they get older I think they would be really good friends. like Carson could look out for her at school.

Cute party! I like the cake. Maybe it would be better if the whole dog tags were silver but I think it is really cute. Darling invitation too. How fun!

grams said said...

darling party. You are such a clever girl. until today I didn't
realize how much Carson looks like you did. When you changed your picture on top of your blog I go "man is that Carson or what?"