Let the Easter Decorating Begin!

I just finished my Easter yarn wreath! I got the idea from my sister's craft blog. She made a Valentine's Day one that was so cute. I had to wonder around Michaels and Hobby Lobby for hours to decide on little things to put on it. And for those of you in H-Town - the greatest thing I found was that Hobby Lobby is WAAAAYYYYYY better then Michaels. How come I haven't been shopping there instead!?

I am addicted to these wreaths now and want to make a ton! :) I want my next one to be an 'earthy' one that I can keep up year round. And then after that I want to make one for the 4th of July. Fun stuff!


Megan said...

OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it. I want that on my door. The colors, the contrast of the brown bunny, the banner.... I know, isn't it addicting. I was wanting to make a St. Pattys one so bad but never got around to it.
Seriously, i love it.

Texas Tingey said...

HILARIE!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Soooooo cute!!!!!!!!! So, when are we gonna have a wreath making night????? I am ready for round 2; the teacher gift:-)

Kelly said...

oooo-turned out great! I love the "hop" if i could just get my St. Patricks one done!!!

grams said said...