Doughnut Plant

So - as you know my brother and his wife live in Manhattan. They have the greatest life EVER and always fill us in on their fun and findings. Today he posted about their Saturday walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and getting donuts at Doughnut Plant. I thought you might want to take a look at the history of Doughnut Plant because it is so cool! Click HERE to visit their site and then click on HISTORY. It takes you on a little tour. It is a perfect example of why I love America. How inspiring to create something unique. Something that has a story. To build something from nothing with hard work. It's just cool. I can't imagine the satisfaction and how rewarding it must be.

And can I just say that I seriously am not a jealous person. At all. There are really only a couple of things that have sincerely made me envious in my life. One was when my brother and sister got a forest green Jeep Wrangler. Awesome. JEALOUS. And the other is that I want to live Jim & Melissa's life! They suck!

But living vicariously through them is better then not having a connection to NYC at all.

All I know is that my 'to do list' for my next trip to NYC is getting longer by the day. I wonder if a month sleeping on a futon and leaving my family is too long? I'm sure Robert will be cool with it... Lol.

And come to think of it. Where did the word doughnut originate from anyway? Great. Now I am going to have to research that. I'm not going to get any work done today.

So goes the life of an adult with ADD...


megan said...

I have been craving these doughnuts ever since I saw them on "Throw down With Bobby Flay"

grams said said...

hil you did it again! what a great post. I want one or two or a dzn donughnuts and I also want to live in NY because of U! I read the story behind the donughnut, great story. The American dream!
About the green jeep? WOW I had no idea!
keep up the ADD, you work wonders with it.