I want to freeze time forever.

I look at this picture of Parker that I took yesterday and it gives me anxiety to think about how quick my kids are growing up. It is why I can't make Carson sleep in his own bed. All he has to say is, 'But I want to sleep with you mommy!' and I am like, 'Ok! Go get in our bed!' I just want to snuggle with them forever. Robert complains about how horrible we sleep - especially when we wake up with 4 of us in our bed - and all I can think of is the day when they DON'T want to sleep with us! I guess that is whey people keep having kids. So you always have someone to snuggle with! :) How can you live when you don't have your kids saying things like Carson said to me the night before last --

Me: Carson. Go get in bed right now.
Carson: Can I sleep with you and daddy?
Me: Ok! :)
Carson: Ok mom. I will get in bed and lay down and dream of snuggling with you until you come up.

Is is even possible that one day he WON'T say things like that to me!!?? :(

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grams said said...

Yes, then you look back and shed more tears than you can know.
Grandpa and I always talk about living just one day over when our little "duckies" were all in the nest and all was right with the world. When you are all in one bed is the best time. then they move to the floor and you hold there hand until they don't need you any more and it is sad. Then they are too cool to need you and then some cute girl has them to snugle with.
and you are just mom. Just the way you want it, but not today right? Don't let anyone tell you it is not healthy because it is!!! And your kids will be great because they have you.! WOW didyou strike a nerve!!!