Parker's BB Gun

Parker's 7th birthday was on the 19th and all he wanted was a REAL BB Gun! He spent the week before his birthday collecting milk jugs out of the recycling bin so he could use them for targets just in case he got one. Lol. And then Robert spent weeks researching it and couldn't decide which one to get him because all of the ones he found looked like machine guns. Yikes! So finally he settled on getting him his first Daisy Red Ryder! Parker was so excited! Right after he opened it he had to go straight out in the backyard to try it out with daddy! Then that night he carried it around and finally fell asleep with it in his bed. :) Unloaded of course!

Now the only problem I have is that Parker wants to shoot a bird. Thanks alot grandpa! For telling him the story about how the first thing you did with your brand new BB Gun was to go right outside and shoot a bird off the fence! Parker tells the story over and over again - about how your twin brothers ran straight in the house to tattle screaming, "Jim shot a bird! Jim shot a bird!"


Mallory said...

I love it! That is so fun that he has a BB gun. That makes me think of the time I believe jimbo shot ammon in between the eyes with his......haha

Happy birthday Parker!

Ammon said...

I can assure that Jim never shot me with his BB gun...especially between the eyes...

I can also assure you that there were fewer crows in the field near your house after we purchased BB guns than before.