Unexpectedly Cute Movie

This was a really cute movie. I never would have seen it but it just happened to be at the right time and I was with a girlfriend so we saw it. It was unexpectedly great. A cute feel good movie. And it is only PG which is so rare these days! The guy in it, Matthew Goode is so funny and did a great job. It will def have to be added to my chick-flick movie library when it comes out on DVD.


grams said said...

I really appreciate the review, I was wondering if I wanted to see it or not, now I will. Did you see "It's Complated"? Be sure you do, it is great!

Robin said...

me (carly) and mom saw it and we didnt like it. we thought it was boring, but then again we did sleep through some of it.

Hilarie said...

huh. that's too bad. we actually went to see nine and i fell asleep and my friend hated it so we went to leap year and it totally caught my attention and i loved it. it was just cute. not fantastic. just cute.