I cannot stop thinking about Haiti. I am consumed by it.

As I sit here reading about this little girl who is having her fingers amputated – I think about Carson who just got out of a warm bath, is wearing his new Spiderman watch, is going on his 3rd bowl of Lucky Charms while telling me he that he wants to sit on the couch with his SpongeBob blanket and watch a movie and eat popcorn.

And my eyes are all teary – not because of how unbelievably sad these stories I am reading are, but because my head hurts so bad and nothing I take helps it. And then I think of the story I watched the other night where they were interviewing crying nurses who were reporting on how they amputate without anesthesia - and then after the surgery they have nothing to give them but Advil. And I think of the woman below who is dying of breast cancer and the only thing that she can do is get to a small clinic to try to get some help with pain management.

Why are some so blessed and others not? Why are WE so blessed? Why was my spirit given to my family to be born into? Why are Carson, Parker and Demi living in Spring, Texas rather than sleeping under a tent in Haiti right now wondering if they will be lucky enough to get something to eat tomorrow?

It is so easy to think of the stories we see on the news as some abstract scene until I see a picture like this...

A boy brought his 3 year old brother into the clinic because he had burns on his chest and he was crying and crying because he was so worried about his brother being in pain. They are children just like our children. They are family and they love each other and worry about each other just like we do. It would be just like Parker carrying Carson into a clinic and sobbing with worry for his little brother. It is hard not to wonder during a time like this why these children have to suffer. What is the plan & purpose of all of this?

The pictures & stories above all came from the most moving blog that I have ever seen. Click HERE to visit The Livesay {Haiti} Weblog. You won't be able to quit reading it. And if you are all like me - you will be a sobbing, crying mess. You can also access some other incredible blogs by following the links within some of the posts.

There are some incredible people out there.

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