If I can't be a kid still... At least I have kids...

Because they CRACK me up!

This morning I looked over to see them measuring their presents with a ruler. Lol. They have been obsessed with the gifts and constantly put them in piles and arrange them and make towers with them. They walk around with them and assume they know what they are. But what they DON'T know is mommy is a very tricky present wrapper!!!

I hear them talking to each other saying things like, "Pass me my PSP game." Lol. They don't even have a PSP.

Mallory sent the kids a gift and Carson picked it up and shook it and without a beat looked at me and said, "Oh mom! It's a puzzle." What? He is only 4 and doesn't even have any puzzles in a box. How does he even know what a puzzle feels or sounds like. :)


Mallory said...

oh my gosh.....so hilarious! RULERS, are you kidding me! I bet it is so fun wrapping the presents all tricky like. It is true, when Demi was at my house she picked up a present under the tree that she hadn't asked me about yet and tossed it aside saying "DVD".....like no need to even open! They are too funny. And carson is right! It is a puzzle...ha ha ha

Clayton, Megan, Monet and Scarlett said...

That is so cute. Monet tries to guess but she always says, "Its candy!" And I do love the paper. It makes it more fun. I feel bad I didn't get the princess paper.