Carson's 4th Birthday

We decided to keep it totally low key this year so we just had a cake and some gifts for him after our Thanksgiving dinner at Robert's parents house. It was short and sweet and he loved it. :) But my baby is getting too old! :(

And the best gift of the night came from aunt Deah and aunt Dorri. A Spongebob pillow and blanket! Carson was a little concerned after he got it but has come to love it! After a few hours he looked at me and said, "Mom. That pillow has hands and feet." It was so funny. You could tell he wanted to like it but he was just a tiny bit worried about how life-like it was. He literally wouldn't lay on it for the first couple of hours. He would only lay next to it. Lol.

EDIT: Today when I took Parker to school (Demi is sick) they were advertising for the book fair which starts next week and there was a big 'clifford the big red dog' outside waving to people. As we drove by Carson said, "Look Mommy! It is a big pillow that turned alive and walks now!" Lol. There is no telling how far reaching this 'pillow with arms and legs' thing is. :)

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Mallory said...

oh I am laughing so hard right now! He cracks me up! And I really can't believe he is 4!