No to the flu. Yes to Strep.

Now Parker is obsessed with the possibility of having to get his tonsils out. I should have been more careful when I spoke with the doc about it because he never misses a beat. For example... Parker hates to get his throat swabbed. He DREADS it. After the PA looked at his throat he was sure it was Strep and didn't want to do the test but I had him do it anyway because I wanted proof for the pediatrician so they can refer to it when making a decision about taking out his tonsils. So later that night I heard Parker telling Robert that the doctor didn't want to do that to his throat but 'mommy made him do it!'. Lol. How sad. Now he will never trust me again!

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andrea said...

If you end up needing to get them out, find an ENT that does the coblation method. Much nicer procedure to get them out. No burning with the electrocautery, and a lot less blood loss. Nicole had hers out with it and it was so much better than I ever imagined it could be. Good luck!

grams said said...

perhaps his tonsils are what keeps him sick. Im just saying.