Random Stuff

It is SO beautiful today here. The kids have been outside all day frolicking around and playing in the dirt. LOL. They just basically rolled out of bed, put dirty clothes on and ran outside. You can tell by Demi's ratty hair that she didn't even brush it. Aaaaa... To be a kid again!

I had to make them finally come in about 3 o' clock to eat some lunch because I felt like a child abuser. They ran in and Demi had some mac & cheese and Parker had a whole container of cherry tomatoes. :) They are his favorite. He has been so funny lately because he all of the sudden he has this huge appetite. And he loves such unusual things.

Demi at the ortho. She had such a hard time with her braces the first few days - and then I realized why... She had a wire that was as sharp as a needle sticking in her cheek on one side. It broke my heart and made me feel soooo bad that I didn't realize it earlier. So we went back as soon as we realized it and they fixed it and she left a totally different person and now she is doing great! And it gave her a chance to pick new rubber band colors! :) This time she chose pink & green.

Carson is totally addicted to Nintendo DS. It kinda worries me. I might have to start monitoring his daily allowance. :) What a big kid.

I am like the DS game nazi. I have them all in a little bag so I can control them. We have lost one too many! We have even had a DS left out in the rain. So now Carson comes to me to switch out games - literally every ten minutes. His favorite games are Lego: Batman, Lego: Star Wars, Tranformers: Autobots & Yoshi's Island. Isn't it cute how Demi and him are snuggling. :)

Every once in awhile he needs to run to big brother Parker for some help. :) So cute.

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