A Little Basketball...

The kids had a blast playing at Brian and Tiffany's the other day. We went over to watch the Texans game and have hamburgers. After the kids had so much fun outside. And we had fun watching them because the weather was so beautiful!

Look at the air Demi is getting on this basket. Both of her feet are off the ground. LOL. She was doing so well. She was making baskets from far away. I couldn't believe it! :)

Below you can see Parker guarding his ball from Robert. So funny.

By the way - for those of you who know Robert's sister Tiffany and her husband Brian... You can see how their yard is torn up... Well, they are adding on to their house right now. It is soooo exciting for them! It should be done in the next few weeks. Their house was way too small after their last 2 kiddos but they love their neighborhood and schools and house so much that after much thought about whether they should buy a new place or add on a couple of bedrooms and a game room to their existing house - they decided for the later. I am jeleous that they will have all that room and more square footage then us on ONE LEVEL! That is my dream! :)

Whew! That was a good workout!

Carter-Bug looks like he is about to get serious with his Big Wheel! Git it boy!

I remember my Big Wheel from when I was little. I loved it. I remember that the first thing my dad did was take the 'noise maker' little clicky thing off the back wheel so it wouldn't drive him crazy. LOL. Kinda like how I don't but batteries in the obnoxious toys that the kids have. If they don't know that it is supposed to make sound - then they don't know what they are missing!

The other thing that I remember about my Big Wheel is that I built up enough courage to ride it down the street in front of our house. In my mind it was a HUGE incline and SO SCARY! I would love to see that 'hill' now. :) I wonder if it was like the slight incline on our driveway now? I was about Carson's age then. Maybe a little younger.

And guess what I just found!? They still make Big Wheels... So cool. Click HERE to check out the site!

Demi is thinking she might have a place with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Aaaawwwww... Kaylee is getting a kiss from her Uncle Bobby - as Robert's fam calls him. :)

Little Kaylee-Loo-Hoo was the kiddos cheerleader. She even had a little cheerleader outfit on left over from watching the Texans play earlier in the day. :)

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grams said said...

what a great post, it is ALMOST like being there. The kids are all getting so big. I bet the Smith family has a hoop in their near future. Baby is so darling when you can see her with out all the "stuff" on her head. And good job with the vedio below. I love it all!!!