I Wish, Wish, Wish

I swiped this from my 'cousins' facebook tonight. Actually. I don't really know what she is... Distant cousin, thrice removed through marriage. Or something like that. LOL. :) Well - whatever you are - thanks Andrea!

This was the view from her front door today. My nose started stinging and tears welled up in my eyes. I miss that part of Utah so much. I wish I was sitting in my parents place right now looking out their windows at the mountains drinking hot chocolate. :)

Oh well. I will quit my pitty party. I have to go hit Walmart right now. I'm so excited.

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andrea said...

I'm glad you enjoyed(?) my picture?! Didn't know I would cause such emotions when I posted it! :) Just remember, come February, when you post a picture of your kids outside playing on the grass, I'll be the one tearing up!

And to clear up the relation....we are 1st cousins once removed-in-law...I think. ;)