Parker's Quote of the Day

Parker just said to Robert, "Dad. You know how you switched jobs. I decided that I will do that too. First I will be a diver and then I will switch to the Army."

So cute. :)

Then he said, "Or maybe I will be a diver for most of the week and then Army on Sundays."

So Robert had a little convo with him about the Army Reserves. Lol.


andrea said...

At least he has the sense to want to switch....our Jared wants to do all of them together! Policeman, Fireman, and Mailman...good luck with that!

grams said said...

Very cute Parker! also I didn't notice your spelling as I wouldn't know if it was wrong. I would just blame myself for lousy spelling once again.

Kinsey Pistorius said...

where is Robert working now? :)