An Unbelievable Site for Free Fonts!!

I can't believe the super talented people there are out there. And then on top of it to share their creations for free! It is so great!

Click HERE to check out Kevin&Amanda.com. Once you click on this link you will see there are 2 links on the page. One link is for free 'handwriting fonts' and the other link is for free 'scrapbooking fonts'. They are all great! And actually, all of this girls sites are darling, so if you want to check out her other stuff (her personal blog, her recipe blog, her scrapbooking blog) then click HERE to start at her blog 'homepage'. Then you can start by clicking the tabs on the top to go to her different stuff. Got all that? :)

Here are a couple of hers that I got the other night...

I can't wait to download all of them. She makes it super easy with instructions and even a button you can use to get them all at one time. I did it super quick and they are immediately available in all your programs to use with all your other fonts.

I have also put her own button link that goes directly to the font site on the bottom of the right column of my blog for easy access! :) Hope you enjoy as much as I did - and thanks Amanda for sharing your talent with all of us!!!

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