Quotes of the Day

Parker just informed me that he wants me to make him a healthy lunch and that he doesn't want me to give him any sweets for lunch like 'cakes and candies and things' - like I do that so often. :)

He told me that he likes healthy things best because they are good for your tummy and body and then he told me that he wanted me to get oil, vinegar and parmesan cheese at the store with yummy bread to dip it in like at Italian restaurants.

He is so hilarious!

Then, while blogging this, Carson is playing with my iPod touch and it is so loud that I keep telling him to turn it down so he finally looks at me and says, "No mom. You put on your headphones."


Mallory said...

they are so funny! where do they come up with this stuff.....

grams said said...

you live a very fun life.