Leaked pics of Volturi

A leaked photo of the Volturi made its way all over the internet today and apparently Summit is not happy about it. Most think it is the real deal, but you really never know until pics are officially released. We also get to see the Volturi crest, which makes the circle complete up to this point. Now we have all 3! The Cullen Crest, Wolf pack 'Crest' (tattoo) and Volturi Crest. Pure marketing genius! (they were never in any of the books)

I can see it now... Stickers, Key chains, T-shirts, Hats, Jewelry. If you can put a crest on it. I am sure it will be sold... As we have already seen with the Cullen Crest. :)

Just for fun - here are two cute little accessories to start your collection...


Clayton, Megan, Monet and Scarlett said...

Does Dakota Fanning play Jane?

Hilarie said...

yep. dakota fanning is jane. she is darling.