He loves me. He really loves me!

Demi and Parker are addicted to playing on the computer. They fight over it all the time. I have to set the kitchen timer to divide their time or all hell brakes loose. So today I made the mistake of letting Parker print out a shark worksheet that he found online. Well, of course that made Demi demand a chance to print something. Because we all know that everything has to be 'even' and 'fair'! :)

The problem that she found is that there is not alot of stuff to print out on the sites that she looks at - so I had to create something for her that she could print.

After making Demi's very own personalized and autographed picture straight from Miley Cyrus herself - I decided to make my own...

Tomorrow Demi and I are whipping out the laminator. :) There is no way we are letting these bad boys get destroyed by Carson!

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Tiffany said...

I freakin' love you!!!! You CRACK me up!!!!!