Flat Froggy

I have these cute videos that I am unable to post because the file is too large so it just occured to me that I could create a YouTube acccount and post them that way. I don't know why I haven't been doing this the whole time! It is so much nicer and easier!

And as always - don't forget to pause my music to the right before you press play. :)

The other day when we were cleaning out the garage Carson found a frog that had been flattened in the middle of the street and started carrying it around. :) A couple of days after I took this he found a flattened bird that he brought to me. GROSS! :(

Do you like Demi's Hannah Montana lunchbox that he is carrying around? :)


mallory said...

it won't let me watch this video until i accept a friend request from you since it is private. I have not recived an email on how i would do that.....

Mallory said...

OH MY GOSH! that is so freaking cute! like really adorable and he looks so good with his nice summer tan! and p.s. i hope you purelled his hands after that whole flat frog thing....ha ha ha