Fixin' Some Things...

A couple of quick notes...

1) I took the video of Michael Jackson off because it started playing immediately and was so loud, but you can still click the link to take you right there. It's pretty amazing. You don't want to miss it!

2) Ok. I just found out that my YouTube account was set on private and my sister told me that she could not watch my video of Carson and Flat Froggy so I changed it to non-private so that should take care of it. So if you haven't been able to watch it yet, you should. It's cute. :)

3) I know alot of you like to pause the music on my blog when you look at it. So for my mom and anyone else who is technologically handicapped - I no longer have an 'iPod', but a small music player. :) It is the bar thing near the top of the right column. All you have to do is press the pause marks on the left side of it and it will pause.

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