2 super easy cakes that are 2 die 4...

Sorry. No pics to go w/ them, but here are the recipes. They come from my friend Adrienne who is a fantastic cook - but they are right up my alley - EASY & QUICK! :)

Pudding Poke Cake
(I know. The name scares me too... You just have to ignore it or make up your own.)

Bake one cake mix in a 13 x 9 as directed.

The minute you take it out of the oven, use the handle of a wooden spoon and poke holes all over the cake 1 inch apart.

Mix 2 small boxes of instant pudding with one cup powdered sugar and 4 cups whole milk.

Immediately spoon half the pudding all over warm cake so it goes down in the holes.

Let remaining half of pudding set for about 5 minutes until frosting-like consistency.

Spread over cake, cover and chill.

(This is where the recipe ends, but she adds cool-whip and it makes it so pretty and better I think.)

Once pudding is completely set and cake is cool, spread top layer of whipped cream.

Then garnish if you would like.

I love it because you can make it any way you like – any cake, any pudding, any garnish. The last time she made it she used chocolate fudge cake, cheesecake pudding and then topped w/ mini chocolate chips. It was so pretty and SO, SO yummy!

Toffee Cake

Bake a German chocolate cake mix in either layers or 13 x 9.

Whip heavy whipping cream with brown sugar until it almost turns to butter but not quite.

Spread over cake and cover with chocolate toffee bits like crushed Skor or Heath bars.

Note from Ade...
(I don’t measure I just buy the medium carton of cream and taste as I whip for brown sugar. Maybe 1/4 c or slightly less? When I do layers I don’t ice the sides. I just put cream between and on top and let it sort of bulge out like a torte. The layers uses a bit more cream than doing a 13 x 9.)

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tHe BrOwn FaMiLy said...

Yummy!!! You could also replace Jell-o with the pudding on the first cake and it it so delicious!! Thanks for the recipies!!