Yard Sale!

Last Saturday we had a yard sale. This is what our garage looked like the night before with everything priced and ready to be put out the next morning...

This is what your stuff looks like within 5 minutes of putting it out in the Houston humidity. The stickers were falling off of everything because they got wet so quick.

And can I just say I am the most organized seller of stuff ever! I had all the pieces that went with every toy put in a Ziploc bag and attached with twine. Yea me!

Yep. All this stuff was in my house and garage the day before. Unbelievable! And just a few short hours later it was all sold except for a few boxes that fit in the back of my neighbors van and drove away. Whew! I love getting rid of stuff! A few of my neighbors added stuff to the yard sale too. So we had fun all hanging out and letting the kids play.

Look at this darling sign Parker made for the sale. So cute!

Luckily we have one of those huge square pop-up cabana things. It was a life-saver! We were able to sit in the shade through the whole thing.

I was a bit bummed because I only made 320 bucks. I mean it's better than nothing, but it was sooo much work! My house totally suffered because of it and still hasn't recovered. This is only the 3rd yard sale I have ever had - or been to for that matter - and I was spoiled with my first one because I made about 800 bucks that time! I guess that can't all be that good! :) The kids had so much fun though, so it was worth it.


Tiffany said...

When are you comming to do mine?? Just wondering....

grams said said...

Good experience for the kids also.
better the 320 bucks than storing the "stuff".