Positive Reinforcement Idea - Take 2

So. The 'good boy chart' thing didn't work out as expected so I decided to try another approach. A treat box. I bought a big bag of candy and put it in a rubbermaid box with a lid at the top of the pantry. A couple of days later Demi found Carson in the playroom upstairs with the box and a bunch of unwrapped candy. SweetTarts, Bubble Gum, Nerds. He was 'cooking' and stirring it in a pot with a little play whisk on the burner of his kitchen set. So I took his pot and the candy box away. I dumped the candy into this little bowl and put it up high in the kitchen cupboard to show Robert. Well, this morning I came into the family room to see Carson sitting on the couch partaking in a little early morning candy bowl snack.

I guess the candy box idea is not going to make it either.

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grams said said...

Help the kid out, put it in a more convient place. Keep the stuff he does not like up high. Take the sport out of it. In the end, you know he is gonna win. They always do.