Father's Day at Nanu & Papa's House

Get ready to see the coolest slip-n-slide ever!

And as a quick side note... you can see in the top, right corner of the picture below that the yard is roped off in a section... well, Papa is growing blackberry bushes and it was so cute - Parker packed a little backpack all by himself and told me that he was taking his supplies to help Papa garden. Isn't that SO darling! He took a pair of gloves (his fleece winter ones) and a gardening shovel and hand rake.

Demi & Kelsey played a little b-ball after the slip-n-slide action.


grams said said...

What a great yard! Great slipn slide also. Lucky kids.

Tiffany said...

They all have such a good time together!! It's awesome that they'll be able to have these memories of growing up together (which I know is bitter sweet b/c they're missing growing up with other cousins :( ) But it's so fun to watch them!!